Easy Instant Pot Dinner

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Instant Pot Broccoli Chicken Casserole

Looking for something quick and easy to make for dinner, but don’t want to heat up the house? Casseroles are always an easy go to dinner solution, but this Instant Pot Broccoli Chicken Casserole makes it even easier! By the time dinner time rolls around, I’m dead. I don’t want to cook anything especially something that is going to heat
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Instant Pot Cranberry Orange Meatballs

Meatballs are one of my dishes to make because they are so versatile. They can be sweet, savory, a main dish or an appetizer! Instant Pot cranberry orange meatballs are a delicious dish that you can enjoy as an appetizer before your main course or you can even make it the main course! A lot of people think of the
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Instant Pot Korean Beef

Looking for an Asian cuisine the whole family will love? This Instant Pot Korean Beef has blends of onion and garlic with ginger that is paired with a subtle flavor of soy sauce and sesame seed oil making a deliciously sweet meal everyone will enjoy. My husband was stationed over seas before we met, and one thing he absolutely loves
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Savory Instant Pot Short Ribs

Craving some juicy ribs without busting out the grill?  This recipe is perfect for you!  You can make delicious spare ribs using your Instant Pot!  Crazy?  I think not.  Awesome?  Definitely.  Once you find out how amazing these turn out and how easy it is to make them, you’ll want to make them all the time! As a mother, life
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Instant Pot Chicken Tetrazzini

Looking for a simple and easy dinner idea? This Instant Pot Chicken Tetrazzini is creamy, delicious, and super easy to make in your Instant Pot! Chicken and noodles is an easy dish to make, but it lacks in flavor, and my kids just weren’t into it. Not only is this chicken tetrazzini super easy to make, but its packed with
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Instant Pot Pork Roast

Pork roast is one of the best things you can make in a slow cooker.  But you can make it in much less time in an instant pot!  This is an excellent meal to make if you want something savory yet easy to make. Let me show you how to make this Instant Pot Pork Roast today! We love a
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Instant Pot Turkey Burgers

Looking for a quick and easy dinner idea that won’t heat up your kitchen? Try these deliciously easy Instant Pot Turkey Burgers! You won’t be disappointed. In my house, we are always looking for quick, easy and healthy meals to make for dinner. As a mom with kids, we are always on the go, so I don’t want to spend
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Instant Pot Asian Sticky Ribs

Sticky ribs are one of my favorite summer time dinners. They are sweet, sticky and perfectly tender. Make them in your Instant Pot and then broil them in your oven for a deliciously sticky flavor. Let me show you how to make these Instant Pot Asian Sticky Ribs today! I have always loved ribs. I remember chowing down on them
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Instant Pot Chicken Marsala

Have you ever been to a restaurant and eaten something so delicious that it just feels like it melts in your mouth? Well, this Instant Pot chicken Marsala is one of those dishes that you just can’t get enough of. What is Chicken Marsala? Chicken Marsala is an irresistible dish that is creamy and delicious. The creamy sauce is made
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Instant Pot Big Mac Burgers

Are you in the mood for something delicious tonight for dinner? Skip McDonalds and make these Instant Pot Big Mac Burgers right at home!  If the Big Mac is one of your favorite types of burgers to order from a fast food restaurant, you need this recipe for Instant Pot Big Mac Burgers in your life. You’ll learn how to
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Instant Pot Vodka Penne

Craving some Italian food but in a hurry?  This penne recipe is so easy yet so delicious!  You’ll want to make it all the time thanks to your Instant Pot! Vodka penne is the perfect weeknight meal. You know how much I love Italian food! It’s one of my favorite types of food to eat because it’s super versatile and
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Instant Pot Butter Chicken

If you are in search of excellent Instant Pot recipes, check this one out!  It’s a delicious Indian dish that will make your taste buds happy with its explosion of rich flavors. This Instant Pot chicken recipe is super easy to make and full of Indian inspired flavor! What is Butter Chicken? If you haven’t had much experience with Indian
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