Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Do you like chicken? I think chicken is the universal meat that everyone loves. Learning how to make it in your Instant Pot is definitely going to make your life that much easier and tastier. That’s why you are going to love these Instant Pot Chicken Recipes! Let me show you how to make chicken in the Instant Pot and some of our family favorite chicken recipes as well.

easy instant pot chicken breast recipe

How do I cook chicken in the Instant Pot?

Cooking chicken is going to be different depending on whether you are cooking chicken breasts, chicken wings, or chicken thighs.

How Much Water do I put in the Instant Pot for Chicken?

A rule of thumb for water in the Instant Pot is to put at least 3/4 a cup of water in a 6 quart Instant Pot or 1 cup of water for an 8 quart. However, some recipes call for more water than others. I personally use at least a cup and most of the time 2 cups of water or broth no matter what I am cooking. Keep in mind that you can use chicken broth instead of water for additional flavor.

How Long do I Cook Chicken in the Instant Pot?

There is not a one size fits all cooking time for chicken. It quite literally depends which type of chicken you are cooking. Here are the different cooking times:

  • Diced Instant Pot Chicken Breasts: For firm chicken, cook for 10-minutes and do a quick release of pressure.
  • Instant Pot Shredded Chicken: For chicken that can be shredded, cook it for 15-minutes and then do a natural release for 5-minutes.
  • Chicken Thighs: Cook chicken on manual for 6-minutes then do a quick release. Cook for 10-minutes if bones are in chicken thighs.
  • Chicken Wings: Cook wings on manual for 10-minutes. Do a natural release for 5-minutes and then crisp up in the broiler.
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Can you Cook Frozen Chicken in an Instant Pot?

The short answer is Yes, you can cook frozen chicken in the Instant Pot. However, unlike other meat, you must cook frozen chicken longer. Here are the times for frozen chicken:

  • Frozen Chicken Breasts: Cook your frozen chicken breasts for 15-minutes for diced chicken or 20 minutes for shredded chicken. Do a natural release for 5-10 minutes.
  • Frozen Chicken Wings: For frozen chicken wings, you will cook them on manual for 15-minutes. Then, you can crisp them up in the broiler.
  • Frozen Chicken Thighs: Cook your frozen chicken thighs on manual for 13-minutes. Then, do a natural release for 5-10 minutes.

Can I Stack Chicken Breasts in the Instant Pot?

Yes, you can stack chicken in the Instant Pot. You only want to stack it to the 2/3 full line, though. Additionally, you will want to make sure each piece is seasoned very well before you stack them on top of each other. Otherwise, you will have some chicken that tastes fantastic and other chicken that tastes bland.

How do you Cook 8 Chicken Breasts in Instant Pot?

You would cook 8 chicken breasts by seasoning and stacking them on top of each other in the Instant Pot. Then, cook your breasts by following this Instant Pot Chicken Breast recipe! Remember, just because you double a recipe does not mean you double the time. It will just take longer for your Instant Pot to come to pressure.

Instant pot chicken breast recipes

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

You can add your own seasonings and cook your chicken like as we talked about above, or you can follow a recipe. For a variety of different ways to eat your chicken, check out all our favorite Instant Pot chicken recipes, below!

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