Different Types of Instant Pots/Pressure Cookers

There are so many different types of Instant Pots out there, so how do you know which one to get? This can be a daunting task and nobody really has a clear cut answer. The best thing you can do is look at the different types and choose which one would work best for you!

Most of them work in the same way, but they have different functions. So, we have broken it down for you so you can figure out what works best. 

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Types of Instant pots

Different Types of Instant Pots

Within the Instant Pot Brand, there are several different pressure cookers you can buy. Each one does the same basic function but works a little bit differently. Here is the breakdown to help you make the best choice!


The Lux Instant Pot is the most basic you can get. It’s a 6 in 1 cooker with 1 touch cooking programs.

It has 6 primary functions:

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Saute machine
  • Steamer
  • Warmer

Additionally, you have 12-built in programs:

  • Soup/broth
  • Meat/stew
  • Cake
  • Egg
  • Saute
  • Rice
  • Multigrain
  • Porridge
  • Pressure Cook
  • Steam
  • Keep Warm 
  • Slow Cook

This is a great starter pressure cooker. The downfall is that it doesn’t have a yogurt cooker or the low pressure/high-pressure settings. 

Duo Instant Pots

This is one of the most popular Instant Pots of the brand. It can do a lot without being overly complicated. The major difference between this and the Lux is that it is a 7 in 1 cooker instead of a 6 in 1. So, add the yogurt to the list and these 14-built in programs:

  • Soup/broth
  • Meat/stew
  • Bean/chili
  • Poultry
  • Saute/Searing
  • Steam
  • Rice
  • Porridge
  • Multigrain
  • Slow cook
  • Keep Warm
  • Yogurt
  • Pasteurize
  • Pressure Cook

It also has the ability to change to a high and low-pressure setting. 

Duo Nova

The Duo Nova is pretty much a Duo with one big improvement. It has a smart steam release valve. This means that you don’t have to remember to close the steam valve to “sealing” when pressure cooking. It automatically closes when you close the lid. 

Duo Plus Instant Pots

Again, the Duo Plus is just a step up from the original Duo. Instead of being a 7 in 1, you now have a 9 in 1 cooker. So, add on the cake and sterilize button to your built-in programs. Additionally, it has a huge LCD display to indicate the status. 

Instant Pot Smart Wifi

If you are looking for something that is up to date with technology, this is it. It has 13 built-in programs and is compatible with Alexa. You can control this Instant Pot with Smart Wifi in the palm of your hands with the app or through voice with Alexa. 

Duo Evo Plus

The Duo Evo Plus is just like the Duo with one very cool feature. The inner pot can actually be used on the stovetop. This means you can use the inner pot as a stockpot, too. And, the inner pot has handles making it easy to transfer from one place to another. This one is good if you make a lot of desserts or soups. 

Duo Ultra

This is a higher-tiered Instant Pot. It has a huge LCD display with progress indicators, a steam release button (no more burning steam hitting your hands), and a dial that toggles between different programs. 

Additionally, it can make very advanced recipes using customized parameters like altitude, temperature, and time. It can also be used as a sous vide cooker. 


This one is for the pros and master chefs in the house. Seriously, it can do it all. Whether you are fermenting ingredients, cooking steak sous vide, simmering sauce, boiling pasta, pressure cooking chicken, or searing your meat, this thing can do it to perfection. 

It controls the amount of air in the pot, releasing as much air as possible to cook foods better and faster. And, you can even use this as a pressure canner. It has additional safety features so you have nothing to worry about. 

Duo Crisp and Air Fryer

For most people, the Duo is the perfect Instant Pot. However, the ability to make crispy and dry foods was one thing that it lacked. This Duo Crisp and Air Fryer can do everything the Duo can do, but it can also roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate. 

However, Instant Pot did come out with an air frying lid that you can purchase separately. It attaches to almost any 6-quart Instant Pot. 

Different Types of Instant Pots Brands

There are other brands of Instant Pots that you can get. If you choose a different brand, the buttons will be different, the functions, and the settings may be different. 

Additionally, most recipes found for pressure cooking are going to be for the Instant Pot brand, so you may have to do some adjusting to get them right. Here are the popular brands:

Take a look at “5 Best Pressure Cookers That’ll have Dinner Ready in No Time” to compare the most popular pressure cooker of each brand. 

There are many Different Types of Instant Pots, so what Instant Pot do you want? Share your it in the comments below!

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